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October 26, 2007

Halloween Party Stuff

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 Hey guys it’s Coolkiddjd filling in for Antsrule02!!! Ants has not been feeling good lately….. so that’s why i’m posting.

Here’s the video if your having any trouble finding the items (Thanks Aguair!)

And here’s the post:

The Halloween Party came out today, and it’s a huge party! It’s a huge party, with all the rooms decorated, and some special events like the lighthouse’s movie! The town and plaza are designed really well, with the darkness and the shade and the pumpkins! It’s a lot better than the Fall Fair! Me and Pdiz’s favorite rooms are the Lighthouse! (It has a movie called Night of the Living Sled!) It’s a mini theatre! Club Penguin’s Team really outdid themselves with this party! The solar eclipse is awesome!


The movie is only a few seconds though, but still rocks! There are 2 new free items, one which is easy, while the other one takes time to do! The first one is the pumpkin basket! In order to start the pumpkin basket scavenger hunt, you must get it! It’s a odd item, not bad, but not goo! It’s pretty cool, and you can find it in the snow forts! You don’t need to carry it for the hunt, it just has to be in your inventory! The scavenger hunt is indicated by the pumpkin in the corner of your screen! Click on it to get started!


The scavenger hunt is hard , but gets easier when you find one thing after another! I have the complete guide to it! The scavenger is easier when your read teh riddles! Click on the candy and the note on the side will have a riddle. If you are quick, you’ll get it! The first one I did was the caramel apple! To get it, go to the Night Club. Click on the green puffle, and he’ll give you a riddle. Click Happy Hallowen, and he’ll give you the apple!


The second one is the candy corn. This one is much simpler, and easier to find! The riddle is the spooky forest knothole! To get it, just go to the forest. Look at the tree to your very left. You’ll see the candy corn. Click it twice to get it, and then move on to the next one. It’s big, so you can’t miss it!


The next one is the candy chocalate bar. This one’s a lot easier, and is pretty simple. It says about penguins and sleds, so just go to the mountain! Then see the scarecrow to the center of the Mountain. Click on the scarecrow’s face, and teh chocalate will appear on the side of hiim! Then pick up the chocalate bar and move on to the next one! It’s just to the right of the ski lift, and this one is very easy!


The next riddle is tougher, with where you can eat sweets! You can eat sweets at the “candy shop” or the coffee shop…and go there! You’ll see a platter of candy and lollipops. Click on it, and you can reveal the caramel at teh bottom of the “candy bowl!” It’s a cool scavenger hunt! (We’re almost there! Only one more to go, folks, and you’re done!

The last one is very had. It says about penguins surfing so it’s obviously the Cove! But it’s nowhere to be found! So click on the binoculars, and wait for a while watching the dark sea. Then a octupus (the same one from the summer party!) will drift in the water with a lollipop in his tentacle! Just click on it, and you’re done! For some reason, it’s wearing the Halloween clown wig! NOTE: The other long candy is at the Pizza Parlor’s organ! I didn’t have time to take the picture!


The last treat is at the Ski Village.  It’s instead of the huge alive mullet, it’s a skeleton, with a pumpkincookie for its eye!  Click on the eyeball adn the cookie shall fall out!  Click on it again and you’ll get it!  It’s a hard riddle, so if you’re doing it wihtout hep, it’s hard!


Your prize at the very end is the Halloween scarf! I thought that the pumpkin basket was okay, but the scarf is really good! I thought non members really benefited from this, because this is the second scarf given out in the last 2 years! When you’ve completed the scavenger hunt, just click on the claim prize button! You’ll get the Halloween scarf, a mixture of gold and black! It says however, you’ve “found” the scarf! It’s a cool prize, and is going to be very rare, since free items are seldom repeated!


That’s it, penguins! That’s the end of the scavenger hunt! I recommend doingit over again, just for fun, and you’re guarteed to have lots of fun! It’s a cool party, so savor these 5 days of the party, and explore them over and over again with your friends!  The new pin is at the Slime Pool or the cave!  It moves around, and is hard to catch!  It’s a spider!


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  1. this so cool i wish you can keep this for ever

    Comment by Kayla — October 26, 2007 @ 09:16

  2. OMG! There shoulld be more free items!!!!!!!!!!!

    Comment by kaatkaat — October 27, 2007 @ 09:26

  3. This is my brothers lexus after his car accident!

    Comment by kaatkaat — October 27, 2007 @ 09:28

  4. i cant what till the next free items come out… i wonder when they come out?

    Comment by Balletliv — October 27, 2007 @ 09:37

  5. how old r u kaatkaat?

    Comment by Balletliv — October 27, 2007 @ 09:39

  6. weres the last candy?

    Comment by haley — October 27, 2007 @ 02:04

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