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January 2, 2010

Beta Hat Guide


The beta hat is a very very old item on Club Penguin. It hasn’t been avilable in over 4 years. Deep inside Club Penguin, there must be a way to get the hat. Do you remember almost 2 years ago the Club Penguin test server? Hackers took the sever over and everyone got the hat. I will show you how:

Every item in Club Penguin has a .swf file. So, you can view an item by doing something like etc. So the beta hat would be deep inside the Club Penguin files. A swf file is simply pictures, graphics, etc. So how would you get the beta hat? When you open your inventory and press an item to wear, the file which the item is opens and shows itself on your head, stomach, arms anywhere the item goes. Hacking into the Club Penguin database and changing the items is illegal, and would get you banned.

So, how do hackers get it? Remember CP Trainer? Years ago this was the way to go. Now, Club Penguin fixed loopholes so it’s impossible to even try to use it. Using CP Trainer will get you banned possibly forever and I don’t recomend you even thinking about using it. I will now teach you how people get this rare item. Beta hats were given out 4 years ago, so Club Penguin won’t give them out anymore.  The key to getting this item is to use your head, anyone can.  This will work for you if:

  • You didn’t play CP when it came out
  • You really want this item without getting banned
  • You think it will be cool when you shock others.

So, the key to getting this item on your head is to get it from Club Penguin when they give it away. But, that’s not possible so we will go to Step 2. Taking advantage of your inventory. Here is what to do:

  • Open your inventory
  • Scrowl to the head items
  • Search for a small box
  • When you find that box look at the item
  • Do this for every single item.

If you find the item, you have the beta hat!!! 

If you are having trouble finding it, write a comment below with your questions and I will answer for you. If you fail to get it even when I help, I have heard that Club Penguin might give it away next year.

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